J.A. Varnon & Son Blacksmith

J.A. Varnon & Son Blacksmith, originally uploaded by meagain625.

J.A. Varnon & Son Blacksmith

(Borrowed from my cousin, Rob Richardson)
This is the birthplace of my mother and grandfather. Many of the Reed, Richardson, and King relatives were born and still live there, though it’s proximity to San Antonio has contributed to a big boost in population. The family history revolves around this little farming community.
Thriving business in Floresville TX circa 1907. I believe those are telegraph poles in the background. It looks like the sign was pretty new, has a different shade than the building, which does not look new.

Meagain… great write up… this one is awesome to study.. lots of interesting family history… i agree with you.. the sign does look new and the building much older…. this one is a real treasure..

Thank you meagain625 for sharing this gem with us… tiandra…


….Cord Beverly

Cord Beverly, originally uploaded by Hugo90.

Cord Beverly

Gilmore Museum, the Red Barns……(Hugo90)

Photomechanica wrote this very interesting comment under this click….

B E A U T I F U L ! ! !

This car was years ahead from his time.


Yes… i think its a classic… love the lines… pure art… beautiful…!

Thank you Hugo90.. for sharing this treasure with us… tiandra..

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….Screaming Laughter

Screaming Laughter, originally uploaded by vintagephoto.

Screaming Laughter

No information on this one. Shows a ’41 Buick. She has obviously having great fun with her friend who can be seen sitting behind in the Buick. Probably shot by her boyfriend, who didn’t know how to handle a camera – the reason for laughter (my guess)….(vintagephoto)

Dennis Dixson Pro User has written this great comment under this photo…. i just have to share it with you…

This is one of the reasons why I think photography is just about the coolest thing there is. This is a scene that would probably never be captured by a painter or sculpter but here it is perfectly preserved like home canned tomatoes for us to enjoy long after the Summer has past…(Dennis Dixson)

Thank you vintagephoto for sharing this treasure with us… tiandra…

A new set of radials!

A new set of radials!, originally uploaded by anyjazz65.

A new set of radials!

Leaving the Goodyear tire store. (upper right)


I found this gem in anyjazz65’s photostream…. great click..!

i am not sure what make this beauty is.. but over time i am sure we will get a visit from somebody who knows….

Thank you anyjazz65 for sharing this treasure with us… tiandra…

winsteads camera delivery

winsteads camera delivery, originally uploaded by bunaen.

The photo was most likely taken by one of the Winstead Brothers (the proprietors) or by my Dad, the nephew and son of the Winstead Brothers)…….(bunaen)

You just have to love these classic photos…. so many wonderful adventures in life have been had by us… most delightful..

Thank you bunaen for sharing this treasure with us… tiandra…


XK120 FHC, originally uploaded by Photomechanica.


Jaguar XK 120 Fixed Head Coupe
Signature – 1/18

Just an outstand click….!

Photomechanica.. you have some photostream.. i must say.. you have a lot of treasures in there… thank you for sharing them with us… Tiandra..

Panam e Golden Gate

Panam e Golden Gate, originally uploaded by J B A N.

Panam e Golden Gate

Um S-42 da Pan American Airways sobrevoa uma Golden Gate ainda em construção.

São Francisco, década de 30………. J B A N

Now this one is very interesting… the Golden Gate Bridge is still under construction as this big bird flys over…. i just had to blog this one…

Thank you J B A N for sharing this gem… tiandra…

Postcard – Cape Cod, Mass. In the 60s

Postcard – Cape Cod, Mass. In the 60s, originally uploaded by Mikey G Ottawa.

As a family, we used to go on week-end trips- (vacation trips, also) to the USA.
Cape Cod was one of our favourite spots….( Mikey G Ottawa)

Yup.. there is no one on flickr like Mikey G Ottawa.. Mikey is one of a kind… VERY KIND… people… he talks to you in his photostream.. leaves you great explanations and thank yous… Mikey must have had a very special upbringing… big smile…

Thank you Mikey G Ottawa for sharing this treasure with us… tiandra..

the stapleton-morely expression

the stapleton-morely expression, originally uploaded by bunaen.


i really enjoyed finding this one… some one had made the comment.. “new ipod”…. lots of fun…

bunaen has a wonderful photostream.. he has photographed old records and covers.. as well as many other very interesting topics…

Thank you bunaen for sharing this gem… tiandra…

Uncle Elmer Lamb’s 1934 truck fleet+

Uncle Elmer Lamb’s 1934 truck fleet+, originally uploaded by Uncle Jerry in Golden Valley, AZ.

Uncle Elmer Lamb’s 1934 truck fleet+

My Uncle was doing fairly well during the depression. He drove trucks to KY coal mines & loaded up & sold it in Dayton Ohio. That way he cut out a couple of middlemen & could sell for less….(Uncle Jerry in Golden Valley)….

Thank you Uncle Jerry in Golden Valley for sharing this gem with us… tiandra…

….Information needed

Information needed, originally uploaded by Frank Lavigne.

Thank you Frank Lavigne for sharing this photo with us… it does not look like the driver many have fair-ed to well in this accident… i took a read on some of the comments under this photo in Franks photostream.. i would agree… it looks bad for the anyone who was in this car… it is a very interesting photo… the area and the road… so i have blogged it to see what happens over time as to information that might help…..

After taking some time to look at it myself… i would say the car lost control and rolled over once or twice to come to rest up against the tree in the back ground…. this is my thoughts on the so far…

Thank you Frank Lavingne for sharing… tiandra…

Dad, Grandma Mabel and Walter

Dad, Grandma Mabel and Walter, originally uploaded by opie_jeanne.

Dad, Grandma Mabel and Walter

The Baldwin Park house is visible in the background….(pie jeanne)

Now here is a wonderful classic photograph… i notice a lot of old photos are taken standing in front or beside a car… in this case the house is in the back ground… lots of pride and joy. i see… most delightful…

Thank you opie jeanne for sharing this treasure with us… tiandra….

….SP – 1947

SP – 1947, originally uploaded by Meu Bairro Meu País.

SP – 1947

Ladeira junto ao Hotel Esplanada, no vale do Anhangabaú. (Meu Bairro Meu País )

Thank You… Meu Bairro Meu País… for sharing this treasure.. tiandra..

São Paulo – Praça do Patriarca – c.1930

São Paulo – Praça do Patriarca – c.1930, originally uploaded by Meu Bairro Meu País.

I found this gem in the delightful photostream of Meu Bairro Meu País… love the whole feel of this one.. from the traffic to the buidlings and shdows… wow…

Thank you Meu Bairro Meu País .. for sharing this treasure with us.. tiandra…

…..Chevrolet Sedan – 1940?

Chevrolet Sedan – 1940?, originally uploaded by MR38.

wow… MR38.. this one is a beauty… i remember my father had a friend who had one of these back in the late 50’s… that’s why this one caught my eye… i see you are wanting to know a bit more info on this one… well i will blog it and maybe in 11 years from now we may get an answer.. you will have figured it out long before then… big smile..

Thank you MR38 for sharing this treasure… tiandra….

…1937 PLYMOUTH (In Color).

1937 PLYMOUTH (In Color)., originally uploaded by Frank Lavigne.

1937 PLYMOUTH (In Color).

20 Cents Brown and 25 Cents The rest. Vintage hand-tinted 5×7 photographs. Guess the car ??….

I just love Frank Lavigne’s photostream… i have gone to visit Frank so many times this weekend… so yes.. Frank you are the third reason i am doing a classic blog… i so want to share some of these wonderful treasures…

Frank.. this one is a real gem.. i have studied it at length…. ohhh.. 7 or 8 times.. now… it gets better each time… and i was thrilled with the first visit… they have their whole life ahead of them… i hope their dreams came true.. i know there are a lot of dark days in life… but if they had a few little ones… who grew up onto wonderful adults… then i would say their dream came true…

Thank you Frank for sharing this treasure with us… tiandra…


FATHER AND SON, originally uploaded by LinBow.


My Grandpa owned a toy shop. I was the first grandchild. Can you imagine the toys I had?…. (LinBow)…

LinBow.. i have been wanting to blog this photo for a long time… its such a classic… so wonderful… i have read the words many times… i had only a couple of toys growing up.. so i would have loved to have you as a friend… we could have played for hours and hours… big smile….

So LinBow… now we are going to find out what kind of truck this is… it may take a while… but this blog is about finding out about the classics.. both with stories and with id…. i know that MR38 may have a good idea what this truck is… is.. he is some sharp…

so LinBow.. who are the people standing in the photo.. one is your grandfather… i would guess… you will have to tell us…

Thank you LinBow for sharing this treasure with us… tiandra…

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Woolworth & Sun Life Co. – Montreal 1957

Woolworth & Sun Life Co. – Montreal 1957, originally uploaded by Mikey G Ottawa.

Woolworth & Sun Life Co. – Montreal 1957

Brother Ralf posing with dad’s car- a Meteor Niagara. Sun Life Company, many years later moved from Montreal, Quebec to Toronto, Ontario perhaps due to fears of Quebec separating from Canada. Thanks so much, Sherlock77 for I.D.’ing the car. You are good! Great Photos- too!!
(Mikey G Ottawa)

Well Mikey… since you are such a precious one….. and you so love the classics… i have elected to start with your classics… you are my very first post in this blog… on just classics… i hope this all made sense… i was waiting for the drum roll… big smile…

i remember when i was a kid.. waiting for mom or dad out by the car while they went in to buy something… woolworths was out in the west to.. but my mom and dad where into shopping at Woodwards.. and nothing else… oooppsss.. i forgot… army and navy… yes… still around.. i understand it is run by the daughter now…. i remember the old elevators…. ooohhhh kay… tiandra… we do not want to be here all night typing into this blog while you wonder off into remember land… big smile…

ok… so…. yes… Mikey…. Now Mikey.. we need to find out what model and year these cars are so i can tag them.. lots of fun..i want to try to get as many good tags in here as i can… especially on the cars… so people on the internet can find them…. word press gets really good google coverage…

Thank you Mikey G Ottawa… for sharing this classic… tiandra…

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Hello world!… its windiepink classics!

Well you are at my very first posting.. this is the beginning or the end.. depends upon the scroll.. big smile…

If you have worked your way to here through all the postings… most wonderful.. i hope you leave a comment… thank you for your visit.. tiandra…

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