GLINDA, originally uploaded by LinBow.


The good witch watches over us all…..LinBow…

LinBow… i just had to add this special classic memory to the blog… now we can stroll along knowing Glinda will be there when we need Her… big smile…

Thank you LinBow for sharing this treasure with us… tiandra..

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  1. When I took photos professionally, my company was called Glinda Productions. I also went by this name at a Health Food Store where I worked for 20 years. I was known to be the good witch that solved all the problems.I still think of myself in this way because if someone needs help, I will be there for them.My magic is pure and true. Thanks Tiandra for putting this on your blog! It means alot to me.

  2. LinBow… i am so happy to learn this… i found it in your stream and i just had to give Glinda another nice place to be… Interesting read about Glinda Productions… LinBow.. you amaze me… you are so much fun… Lots of Love.. tiandra

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