C.C. King circa 1916

C.C. King circa 1916, originally uploaded by meagain625.

C.C. King circa 1916

This was sent to me by second cousin, his mother was my grandfather’s sister. I am adding a portion of the email he used to describe this:
“My Great Grandfather on his son-in-law’s Harley Davidson at my Grandfather’s farm here in Wilson County. My brother Billy lives there now .” (Wilson County TX).
“We couldn’t figure out why the bike stood upright with him sitting there but have seen pictures since that shows a side car. He lost his right arm from as a result of a gun shot wound in the Civil war, and yes, he fought for the South. However, I believe some of our relatives fought on the other side too.”
Pretty good description, I can’t add more than that…

meagain… again this one is such a classic.. i so enjoy the information you add with each of you posts… this one even has civil war information and so forth… i am going to have lots of fun plucking gems from you photostream to share with others… you are so delightful..

Thank you meagain625 for sharing this treasure.. tiandra..


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  1. This comment was some how caught up in the spam… what happened is this… i get a lot of spam.. wordpress holds it in a special file so one can view it and determine if something should be despamed… as i was skimming throught it.. i over looked this little treasure written by LinBow… and i pushed the delete all spam button… just as this was being done by wordpress i caught this out of the corner of my eye… i backed up the process and tryed to despam it… no luck… i copied and pasted it into this comment which has my name as the writer… but it is LinBow.. who has written this… thank you LinBow… lots of Love.. tiandra..

    “This is a true treasure. I love his pose, very self-assured with his great white beard. I bet he was a real rascal….” (LinBow)

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