Woolworth & Sun Life Co. – Montreal 1957

Woolworth & Sun Life Co. – Montreal 1957, originally uploaded by Mikey G Ottawa.

Woolworth & Sun Life Co. – Montreal 1957

Brother Ralf posing with dad’s car- a Meteor Niagara. Sun Life Company, many years later moved from Montreal, Quebec to Toronto, Ontario perhaps due to fears of Quebec separating from Canada. Thanks so much, Sherlock77 for I.D.’ing the car. You are good! Great Photos- too!!
(Mikey G Ottawa)

Well Mikey… since you are such a precious one….. and you so love the classics… i have elected to start with your classics… you are my very first post in this blog… on just classics… i hope this all made sense… i was waiting for the drum roll… big smile…

i remember when i was a kid.. waiting for mom or dad out by the car while they went in to buy something… woolworths was out in the west to.. but my mom and dad where into shopping at Woodwards.. and nothing else… oooppsss.. i forgot… army and navy… yes… still around.. i understand it is run by the daughter now…. i remember the old elevators…. ooohhhh kay… tiandra… we do not want to be here all night typing into this blog while you wonder off into remember land… big smile…

ok… so…. yes… Mikey…. Now Mikey.. we need to find out what model and year these cars are so i can tag them.. lots of fun..i want to try to get as many good tags in here as i can… especially on the cars… so people on the internet can find them…. word press gets really good google coverage…

Thank you Mikey G Ottawa… for sharing this classic… tiandra…

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  1. I remember my Grandma taking me to Woolworth’s, it was always a fun shopping experience. They had a soda fountain and ice cream, that’s what I remember. This is a great historic shot.

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